We fight for the preservation of the fields – and want to stop the“concrete wars”!

We aim to preserve the soil in the area between Frankfurt and the Taunus as an area for agriculture, local recreation, climate protection and regional food supply to ensure the preservation of the quality of life and to stop the delusion over building new housing on a green field.

Our initiative fights against the urban development measures (SEM) planned by the city of Frankfurt. Their plans are to build residential housing on 550 acres of land, which is currently used as an agricultural area. The land stretches along the motorway A5 from Niederursel and Praunheim (both part of Frankfurt) to an area located between Oberursel-Weißkirchen and Steinbach.

“Growth above everything” was the now outdated message of the 1990s!

Today, nature and the environment are the central issue of the future. In order to increasegrowth, the city of Frankfurt plans not only to irretrievably destroy climate and landscape preservation areas and valuable agricultural land, it also undermines what we have learned about the vulnerability of our planet.

We resolutely oppose the construction project of the City of Frankfurt: environmental policy affects us all and is thus closely connected to a new culture of solidarity, starting with the ecological limits of growth. Ecology is inseparable from the question of justice and implies social objectives. It’s not about living in itself, it’s also about striving for living in good conditions.

The city of Frankfurt wants to rigorously override nature – landscape – climate protection, water protection, animal life and the citizen interest with their plan project and destroy 550 acres of arable land forever. We resolutely oppose these plans!

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